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Learning to play guitar can be a rewarding experience, giving you the opportunity to develop your creative skills as well as the ability to communicate using the language of music. Most people learn as a hobby, which is perfect, because you only need a small amount of time each day to practice and improve your skills.

I teach people as individuals, which means that you won’t be subject to a one-size-fits-all method, but rather, a dynamic and ever evolving series of etudes, techniques and songs with which to develop your skills.

You can learn with me in-person or online via Zoom. I have a very efficient setup and will provide you with printable transcriptions, chord and scale charts + audio and video examples where applicable.

I teach a variety of student types, ranging from those that just want to bang out some strumming and picking patterns to those that like the heavier side of things and everything in-between. I cater to most contemporary styles and adapt my lessons to suit your needs.

Thanks for visiting the website. I look forward to teaching you in the future.


Corey Hunter