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Constructing Minor Key Melodies in a Progression

The key to constructing melodies lies in first knowing what notes work over the chords then strategically placing these notes in interesting ways in order to enhance the progression.

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Songwriting Essentials – Swing Rhythm

The swing rhythm is achieved by taking eighth-note triplets and subtracting the middle note. Compared to a straight eighth rhythm, this pushes every second note further away, creating a looser, ‘bouncy’ feel.

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Level Up Your Thrash Technique With Atonal Chromatic Ideas

After jamming for a bit I came up with this riff that really challenges the fretting and picking hand due to a lot of one-note-per-string picking and chromatic intervals.

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Metal Style Harmonic Minor Jig – Great for Picking Practice

This is the sort of thing I like to practice because it’s not only pleasing to the ear but it’s great for picking practice and building stamina.

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Rot and Roll – Celtic Frost/Darkthrone Style

Rock with a blackened twist is the name of the day here with some Black Metal ‘Rot and Roll’ style riffing.

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