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Using Delay to Emulate Double Picking

Delay is not just a tool for creating space and atmosphere in music. It can also be used to create interesting rhythmic effects. In this video, we will be looking at some ideas that make use of a short delay time and low regeneration rate to emulate double picking.

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Dark Folk Guitar – Harmonic Minor Octave Sequencing

In this lesson. we get creative and travel to the dark side by exploring the Harmonic Minor scale using a melodic etude designed to improve octave fretting and shifting technique, as well as fundamental muting skills.

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Essential Techniques: Dampening/Muting, Drop D Power Chord Pull Offs

Muting and dampening are essential techniques that need to be mastered. This short riff etude takes a look at both left and right hand dampening/muting techniques, plus, we also explore the nifty power chord pull off technique in Drop D tuning.

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Metal Techniques – Celtic Metal Picking

In this lesson, we take a look at an Iron Maiden style E harmonic riff with some challenging picking and rhythms.

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The Art of Doom – Haunting Harmonies – The Tritone

Of all the flavours used in metal, the diminished scale ranks as one of the most elusive and strange. Somewhere between mystical and demonic, it fits in perfectly with the sound of Doom.

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