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Dark & Moody Arpeggiations, Balm For Melancholics

In this lesson we take a trip to the dark side and manage to get something beautiful, too.

Practice Tips

  • The most important ingredients in achieving a dark guitar sound are the effects: Chorus, Delay and Reverb. These are what I call the usual suspects, and make up the flavoring that really brings the sound to life. To find out how I get my sound, click here.
  • One oft-overlooked aspect to the guitar sound is the pickup selection. There is a switch on just about every guitar that determines which pickups are made active. On my SG, I have 3: Treble (1), Middle (2) and Rhythm (3). For this type of idea I like to use the Treble position, which makes the bridge pickup active. This brightens up the sound, adding clarity and presence that compensates for the effects being used, which do have a tendency to make the sound muddy.