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Dominant 7 Voicings

Open E7 Chord


Once you fret it up, you'll probably realize it's similar to the open E major shape, just without the third finger down. Pretty easy to master and sounds really cool with a bit of grit on the amp.

Open A7 Chord


Make sure the thumb mutes the sixth string as outlined in The Basics Of Open Chord Fretting Technique and you should be right to go. Only two fingers required for fretting so pretty easy to play.

Open D7 Chord


This voicing features most of the notes from the open D major voicing except that the D note on the second string moves over to the C note on the same string. The thumb should mute the sixth string and like D, the fifth string will sound OK if you happen to let it ring out.

Open G7 Chord


Sounds really cool in a progression changing to C7. This shape is a bit like the open C major chord with just a bit more separation between the middle and index fingers.

Open C7 Chord


Quite a challenge for the novice, since it uses all four left hand fretting fingers. As long as the fingertips remain upright, should be pretty straightforward with some practice. Works really well in tandem with the open G7 voicing.

Open B7 Chord


Check out the intro to 'Overdose', by AC/DC for a great sounding riff using this chord and the open E major chord. Sounds really cool along with E7 and A7 playing a 12 bar blues progression.