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Major Voicings

Open A Chord

A Major

There are a few different ways of fretting up this voicing. My preferred method is illustrated in the diagram. You could also try using the index finger across the D and G strings with the middle on the B string. Or, try using the index, middle and ring fingers in that order from the D string up.


Open C Chord

C Major

Arguably the hardest open chord for beginners. A lovely sound once mastered and lends itself to ballad picking sequences with bass note changes. The left hand fretting technique has to be spot on for all the strings to ring out clearly. This is the first chord I explore in The Basics Of Open Chord Fretting Technique


Open D Chord

D Major

Not too tough, as long as the fingers remain upright like they should. String six should be muted to avoid sounding terrible, but the fifth string sounds OK if it isn't muted. Try it out for yourself and see which version you prefer. This is the second chord I examine in The Basics Of Open Chord Fretting Technique


Open E Chord

E Major

A pretty easy shape to master and has a really nice, warm ring about it; one of my favourite open voicings. Actually sounds pretty decent with a distorted tone, too, so crank it up if you want! Make sure the second and first strings ring out; they're really important to the sound.


Open G Chord

G Major

A very versatile open chord made more so by the fact that there are quite a few different variations of it. I do a detailed look at the possibilities in A Myriad of Voicings - The Beauty of Open G