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Minor Voicings

Open A Minor Chord

A Minor

This is actually the same shape and fingerings as the open E major chord, just on a different set of strings. Can easily be transformed into an open sus 2 voicing by removing the index finger and letting the open B string ring out.


Open D Minor Chord

D Minor

There's different ways to finger this chord, but I prefer the one illustrated. The reason I like it is because I can use my third finger to transform the chord into a Dm/C, which is something I like to do a lot. Using the third finger instead of the pinky finger on the B string makes it easier to change into a sus 4 voicing. Both fingering approaches are good depending on the situation.


Open E Minor Chord

E Minor

This one always gives me a wild west kinda vibe, and if you heard the way I use it, you'd tend to agree! Might also be referred to as 'easy minor' because it's a real cinch to get down. Notice how it's just an open E major chord without the first finger down?