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Crispy Blues Pentatonics

This lesson looks at some tasty pentatonic soloing that brings out a southern, country type of sound.

Practice Tips

  • As mentioned in the video, it's better if the left hand fingers flick in an upward motion off the string when doing the pull-offs, rather than adopting the traditional approach of pulling downward and off the string.
  • 1/4 bends aren't difficult, but they do take some care and restraint not to bend too far, so be mindful of this.
  • Notes with dots above or below them mean they should be played staccato. This involves cutting the note short so it is abrupt. This is a great way of introducing some dynamics into your playing.
  • When using the middle finger to bend at the 2nd fret (end of bar 2) it's easier to bend downward instead of upward. This gives more control and a stable vibrato.