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Stoner Rock

  1. Stoner Rock Riffing
  2. Stoner Rock Riffing 2
  3. Stoner Rock Riffing 3
  4. Stoner Rock Guitar – Creative Position Shifting, Using the Chucking Technique
  5. Stoner Rock Guitar – Pentatonic Ideas, Syncopated Riffing
  6. Stoner Rock Groove Techniques 
  7. Baritone Riffing


  1. Dark Folk Voicings & Techniques
  2. Dark Folk 2
  3. Melancholy Acoustic

Dream Pop

  1. Cocteau Twins Style – Major Seventh Heaven
  2. Dream Pop Deconstruction


  1. The Art of Gothic Guitar
  2. Dark Romantic Dirge + Haunting Vampiric Love Theme
  3. The Art of Gothic Guitar – Darkness Is Never Far Away
  4. Way of the Dark
  5. Way of the Dark 2


  1. The Art of Atmosphere
  2. Melancholy Atmospheres
  3. Post-Punk Picking
  4. Post-Punk Picking 2
  5. Post-Punk Picking 3
  6. Post-Rock Essentials
  7. Post-Rock Essentials 2
  8. Space Rock Guitar


  1. Black Metal Quadrilogy
  2. Blackened Atmospheres
  3. Black Metal Atmospheres
  4. Black Metal Riffing
  5. Black Metal Studies – Evil Intervals
  6. Classic Doom Style
  7. Creative Drop D – Doom Groove Riffing
  8. Doom Metal Style
  9. Drop D Riffing
  10. Lead Guitar Studies – Melodic Metal Soloing
  11. Lead Guitar Studies – Triplet Pentatonics
  12. Metal Mechanics Triplet Riffing
  13. Metal Riffing
  14. Post-Metal Guitar – Creative Progressions & Embellishments
  15. Post-Metal Riffing – Blackened Etudes
  16. Power Chord Mechanics

Nice Noise

  1. Coloring the Progression