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Digital Download Lessons

Welcome to the digital download store, featuring Gemini Guitar's high-quality tutorials aimed at those wishing to expand their knowledge of the instrument through detailed, in-depth studies in styles not commonly covered.


Why buy?

Unlike many YouTubers, I don't have a Patreon page, nor do I run ads on this website. I'm old-fashioned in the sense that I prefer people to receive something special for their support, which is why I create products. I consider my creations to be exceptionally high-quality, and make sure that my content is detailed, relevant and most of all, fun!

By purchasing my products, you are helping me to make a living, and increase your knowledge of the guitar at the same time, gaining access to a wealth of content not found on my YouTube channel. Products come with transcriptions in PDF, Guitar Pro 5 and 6 format, as well as backing tracks and scale/chord diagrams where applicable. Thank you for visiting the download store.



Payments are processed securely through Payloadz and PayPal. No PayPal account is required; simply fill in relevant credit card info at the secure PayPal checkout. No financial information is stored on this website.

Requirements and Recommended Applications
  • A stable, fast internet connection is essential for downloading the large files.
  • Installing a download manager is recommended. I use DownThemAll for Firefox
  • 7zip or WinRar for extracting files.
  • VLC Player for playing videos.
  • Guitar Pro 6 (recommended) or Guitar Pro 5. Tux Guitar (freeware) can be used to open the Guitar Pro 5 files.


Once purchased
  • You will receive an email with links to your downloads. Please keep your PayPal receipt and download link email, as these contain the transaction ID for your purchase.
  • Do not panic if something goes wrong during the download procedure as new links can be sent.
  • Extract and enjoy!
  • Back up your purchase to a high quality external hard drive or cloud service.


  • The download link  has expired

Request a new link. Please note that this process is not automated, so depending on what part of the world you're from, it may take time, as I process all requests during waking hours.

  • Can't open .zip or .rar file

Assuming you've installed the appropriate application for extracting, this likely means that the file hasn't downloaded completely. Please request a new link, install a download manager for your browser, delete the incomplete file and download again.

  • Not all files in the download work

This is caused by an incomplete download. Please request a new link, install a download manager for your browser, delete the incomplete file and download again.