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Dark Atmospheric Collection 1

A great collection of lessons spanning styles such as Gothic, Dream Pop, Post-Rock and Ambient. Will surely satisfy the student seeking guidance on the art of dark and melancholy forms of playing. This pack contains the following lessons:-

  1. The Art of Gothic Guitar
  2. Gothic Guitar - Study #01 - Darkness Is Never Far Away
  3. Cocteau Twins Style - Major Seventh Heaven
  4. Dream Pop Deconstruction
  5. Melancholy Atmospheres
  6. Post-Punk Picking
  7. Post-Punk Picking 2
  8. Post-Rock Essentials
  9. Post-Rock Essentials 2
  10. Way of the Dark - D Minor Arpeggiation Sequences
  11. Way of the Dark 2 - Tenebrous Atmospheres


*All prices are in Australian dollars.