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Lead Guitar Studies – Melodic Metal Soloing

This feature contains 4 etudes designed to get players started on the road to improvisation and creative metal guitar soloing.

Explore: constructing melodies using the Aeolian/Natural Minor scale, bending/vibrato, legato technique, pedal point ideas and octaves + muting techniques.

Everything is broken up into manageable portions and demonstrated at slower tempos in order to maximize the learning experience. Guitar Pro 5 and 6 transcriptions are included, which are great for playing along to on screen. Also included are two backing tracks; one with guitar and drums and the other as a drums only track. These can be used to improvise over and develop your own ideas. Scale charts are also provided so you can study the scales used to construct the solos.


Level: Intermediate
Running time: 57mins

-Video lessons + performances of each example
-Drum and guitar backing track
-Drums only backing track
-Guitar Pro and PDF transcriptions
-Scale diagrams

$9.95 AUD