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Metal Collection 1

A great set of lessons for all metal enthusiasts wishing to improve their skills. Pack contains 13 instalments exploring styles ranging from Black Metal, Post-Metal & Doom to Soloing, Heavy Metal & Hard Rock.

This pack contains the following lessons:-

  1. Blackened Atmospheres
  2. Black Metal Atmospheres
  3. Black Metal Studies - Evil Intervals
  4. Classic Doom Style
  5. Creative Drop D - Doom Groove Riffing
  6. Doom Metal Style
  7. Drop D Riffing
  8. Lead Guitar Studies - Melodic Metal Soloing
  9. Lead Guitar Studies - Triplet Pentatonics
  10. Metal Mechanics - Triplet Riffing
  11. Metal Riffing
  12. Power Chord Mechanics
  13. Post Metal Guitar - Creative Progressions & Embellishments


*All prices are in Australian dollars.