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Metal Mechanics – Triplet Riffing

Metal Mechanics, Triplet Riffing is aimed at beginner to intermediate guitarists wishing to improve their comprehension of triplet and swing rhythms; fundamental components in today's modern rock and metal styles.

Learn the basics, as well as more complex ideas within 31 riff examples covering: 1/4 note triplets, 8th note triplets, power chord techniques, accenting, melodic sequences and ostinatos, pentatonic riffs, swing rhythm, combining swing and triplet rhythm, and tied swing 8ths.

Corey takes you through each example before performing each riff at full speed with a drum track, then slower speed so you play along with the video. Guitar Pro and PDF transcriptions included, as well as drum tracks you can practice with.


Level: Beginner/Intermediate
Running time: 92mins

-Video lessons + performances of each example
-Drum tracks
-Guitar Pro and PDF transcriptions

$19.95 AUD