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Post-Punk Picking 2

From the mildly challenging to the more advanced, Post-Punk Picking 2 hones in on syncopated ideas, using the lower strings to outline a progression, modulating into higher octaves, string skipping and even a little bit of scalar shredding to give the aspiring guitarist some real 'meat and potatoes' to sink their teeth into.

Backing tracks are included for practicing along with, as well as Guitar Pro 5+6 transcriptions and PDFs.

As always, Corey breaks everything down in his customary style, ensuring students are given the tools necessary to learn and practice the material covered in an efficient manner, enabling maximum absorption of the lesson content.



Running time: 61mins

Lesson pack includes:
-Video lessons + performances
-Guitar Pro 5 and 6 transcriptions
-PDF transcriptions
-Drum track + Drum and Bass track

*All prices are in Australian dollars.