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Stoner Rock Riffing

Stoner Rock Riffing Volume 1 brings the exciting sounds and techniques of Stoner Rock to your fingertips. Tune down to C, and let the riffing begin!

One very big difference with Gemini Guitar's video lessons are that students learn everything within the context of real sounding music. These aren't a bunch of sterile, boring and lifeless exercises. They are real sounding riffs, written with passion and a genuine love for the style explored.

All the ideas are broken up into easy to digest fragments, making learning as easy as possible. All details are covered, as well as some helpful hints on playing along the way. Comes with drum backing tracks so you can jam along and create your own ideas. Also comes with transcriptions for Guitar Pro 6, as well as PDF format.


Level: Intermediate
Running time: 78mins

Lesson pack includes:
-Video lessons + performances of each example
-Drum tracks
-Guitar Pro and PDF transcriptions
-PDF Scale diagrams

$19.95 AUD