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Gothic Atmospheres – Drone Wash Chords

This lesson focuses on some easy drone voicings that work very well in the Gothic style. The idea centers itself around fretted notes on the fourth and fifth strings in combination with the open third, second and first strings. Also making an appearance is the ominous low sixth string. Experimentation is likely to yield fruit with little effort, so be sure to try out different ideas around the fret board.

Practice Tips

  • The main idea behind this lesson is to take some bass notes from the scale (in this case, E Minor), and combine those with open strings. I recommend trying this concept with bass notes across the 6th, 5th and 4th strings. The 3rd string is also a possibility but leaves just a couple of open strings at the top. In any case, experimentation is the key, and will likely yield much fruit of the musical kind!
  • Ambient, Gothic, Post-Punk and Shoegaze styles are great for breaking the shackles and getting experimental. Don't be afraid to try out as many shapes and patterns as you like. Lose the fear of sounding 'bad'. Take your time and really listen to the sounds. Digest them; savor them. Go nuts! It's all a part of the fun, as I like to say.