Filthy Punk Double Stop Unison Bends

Let’s get down and dirty with some unison bend double stop action! Build up those digits with this punk-style etude that combines attitude and technique.

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Practice Tips

  • Check your intonation when playing unison bends. To do this, firstly make sure that the note on the top string does not get bent; it should remain stable at all times. Next, play both strings and bend the bottom string up to the desired pitch, which is, in this case, a whole step higher. Once the two notes sound exactly the same as one another, you can stop bending; the mission is completed!
  • Stick to a down-up-down, down-up-down, down-up-down, down-up-down, down-up-down-up right-hand pattern for the main idea; it really does work better.
  • Bending is great for building up left-hand finger strength. Make sure to include some drills in each practice session. It’s an essential technique and really gives some biff to one’s soloing skills.