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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do you play in a band?

I played in various bands from the age of thirteen to twenty-three, after which I stopped to concentrate on teaching and also due to the realization that the lifestyle associated with such pursuits no longer appealed to me.

  • Why don't you show your face on camera anymore?

There are a few reasons. Firstly, in the interests of efficiency and time management, I set the camera up for the instructional part of the video only. Videos take ages to make, so I'm happy to cut out any unnecessary steps in order to make the process as easy as possible. Secondly, I got tired of people commenting on my face and facial expressions (or lack thereof), lol. The third reason is obvious. You won't learn anything relevant to the lesson from my face.

  • Why don't you upload very much?

In a nutshell, health reasons. In late 2016 I became very unwell with a vestibular illness. After many months, I was diagnosed with a Vestibular Migraine combined with elements of Meniere's Disease. This limits the amount of work I can do, particularly the use of computers. My condition has made me sensitive to light, screens and other visual stimuli, leaving me unable to play video games anymore. So I ration out my tasks into manageable portions in order to sustain a realistic output of work without irritating my brain too much. Still, there are good days and bad days, as with any other condition and I have accepted things as they are, doing my best to move forward at my own pace.

Sep 2018 Update: I can now use my laptop for greater periods of time and play some video games in moderation, just not for extended periods. I still get some dizziness and discomfort in my senses, but it's better than what I was like originally.

  • What’s the name of the song you played in the intro of the video?

It’s music I wrote for the lesson. YouTube has copyright laws preventing me from using other people’s music, so I write my own to use for teaching instead, which is my preferred MO, anyway.

  • How do you get your sound?

I wrote an article explaining everything and included screenshots. You can find the article here.

  • What amplifier are you using?

I don't use amplification. I run my guitar through a Line 6 TonePort, using either Gearbox or Kuassa Amplifikation One.

  • What pedals are you using?

I only use effects on the clean sounds and they are derived from a couple of presets on a Line 6 TonePort. You can read about them with screenshots of settings here.

  • What are using for the drums?

Addictive Drums 2 by XLN Audio and KVLT Drums with the Black Metal Essentials midi pack from It Might Get Loud Productions.

Random Facts

  • The first electric guitar that I owned was a Japanese Fender Stratocaster given to me by my father.
  • Although I didn't go on to complete my HSC (Higher School Certificate), I did perform with a violinist as the accompaniment for her year 12 performance exam when I was in year 9.
  • The song I performed most in high school was 'April Sky', by Vinnie Moore. 
  • The first solo I attempted to transcribe was from '18 & Life', by Skid Row. At the time I was reading music and didn't know about tab, so it was done on the stave. 
  • I wrote and recorded two albums under the monicker of Zykophony during the early 2000s. Neither of these featured any guitar at all and were created using a Korg Trinity synthesizer. 

Last updated: 18th Sep 2018.