Getting a Gothic Sound With Line 6 Toneport

The Line 6 TonePort UX-1 has been a great addition to my studio. Featuring a lot of cool and interesting amp simulations and effects, it has a diverse array of sounds that can be used in just about any style imaginable.

Chorus settings

I’ve set the Chorus to sound a little ‘wobbly’, but not too much. To adjust this, experiment with the depth.


For the demonstration, I’m using a DBZ Halcyon featuring EMG 81/85 humbucking active pickups. Single coiled guitars will sound brighter and more defined whereas the DBZ has a darker, murkier tone which I like.

Delay settings

The Delay is set to 160bpm, but you can set it to whatever repeat length and tempo you want.

Compression settings

I use Compression to boost the volume, but if you were going for this sound using an amp and pedal setup it really doesn’t matter that much.