Simple Sludge | Growing the Groove

This idea is very simple, yet satisfying to play. We will be in Drop C tuning and making use of the fat and heavy low 6th string for that wide foundation sludge needs to blossom.

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Practice Tips

  • This sort of riff sounds better when played using the rhythm pickup. In addition, roll off the tone control (if you have one) to zero. This will enhance the tone, giving it a fuzzier sort of sound.
  • Whenever learning new ideas, be sure to analyze and understand the underlying theoretical concepts at work.
  • Droning ideas benefit from experimentation. Feel free to try different intervals from a variety of scales, then see what you can come up with.
  • Don’t shun simplicity in favour of trying to be as technical as possible all the time. Keep a balance and you’ll enjoy playing music a lot more.