Harmonizing With 5ths

In this lesson we take a look at a riff using harmonized 5th intervals, which is basically playing power chords as a harmony instead of a chord.

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Practice Tips

  • Harmonized riffs and solos are a lot of fun to play; however, not everybody has access to another musician to jam with. The solution is really easy and accessible to most nowadays. Simply record yourself playing, then play a harmony over the top of that! There are free and paid daws available for desktop and laptop users, as well as apps and interfaces that can be used with tablets and phones. It’s truly a great time to be alive for a musician.
  • Repetition is not always a bad thing. I agree with those that hate 1 bar dance music, but in the rock domain, it’s a whole different bag. Repeating a riff over and over again is a way of literally getting into the groove, improving one’s timing and concentration skills. So don’t be afraid to play that riff over and over again if your heart so desires; it’s going to bring good things into your playing.