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Melodic Metal – Sequencing Over 6-4 Progression

In today's lesson, we get upbeat and melodic to construct sequences over a standard 6-4 progression. The basic idea is to use the first six notes from the A Aeolian and F Lydian modes over an A and F power chord progression. This really is a guaranteed way of sounding good, whatever sequence you come up with. By starting each sequence on the root note, we set up and define the sound, which sounds really cool.


Practice Tips

  • This idea makes a great example of defining a sequence by playing the root note of the progression at the beginning of each chord change. The root emphasizes the progression which then allows us to take the sequence in a variety of different directions, always returning to the root to start again.
  • Even if you can't keep up with these sequences, you can still have a lot of fun by recording the progression and playing the notes I demonstrated over the top. This is called improvisation and can be practiced at any level. Don't be critical of yourself, particularly in the beginning stages; it just takes a little time, patience and tenacity to attain fluidity and coherence.