Melodic Metal Sequencing

This is the first in a new series exploring sequencing ideas in the Metal guitar style. This lesson focuses on the D Aeolian scale, using notes on the A and D strings, and is a great workout for the left and right hand.

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Practice Tips

  • Alternate picking is an essential part of the guitar and will inevitably lead to better speed and accuracy. There are, however, a couple of pitfalls that players must overcome when practising the technique.
  • The first, and most obvious, is training the right hand to use strict alternate picking. Many students don’t pay attention to what their hand is doing and end up alternating sometimes, but not others. The remedy for this is to use a small mirror and place it on your music stand. This will enable you to watch what you’re doing without too much effort.
  • The 2nd major hurdle is getting the picking motion to an absolute minimum. You’ll never build speed with wide pick strokes; it’s just not gonna happen. Again, a mirror is great for observing and rectifying the motion so that it’s economical. The economy of movement means you are getting to the next note as quickly as possible, and without wasting precious energy to do so.