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My Sound & Setup

How Do I Get My Sound?

Firstly, guitars used are either a Gibson SG Standard or DBZ Halcyon. I run these through a Line 6 Toneport UX-1. This is the most convenient method of recording both my voice and guitar simultaneously. I gave up using real amplifiers years ago. There really is no point unless you are a live guitarist playing in a band, and even then, a laptop with some good plugins will do a great job, saving the need to lug around heavy gear. It's a win win. Now let's get to the sounds.


Distorted Tones

There are 2 presets I use for Metal lessons. These are Angel P-Ball and Diamondplate. Both are basically stock presets with some minor adjustments, like EQ. I do use a small amount of Reverb for both, just to sweeten the sound a little. It's important to note that I adjust the gain setting depending on whether I use the SG or Halcyon. So for the SG, the gain is set higher and the Halcyon lower, due to it having active pickups.

Angel P-Ball Toneport Preset

Angel P-Ball is great for lead guitar and riffs that require more saturation.

Diamondplate Toneport Preset

Diamond plate is my favourite Metal rhythm guitar sound on the Toneport.

Clean Tones

The clean tones I like to use distinguish themselves by the amount of Chorus and Reverb each uses. The Piezo Acoustic preset has more Reverb in the mix and less Chorus. Like Heaven, on the other hand, has less Reverb and more Chorus. Piezo is also an acoustic emulation tone, which gives it its characteristic sound. As for the Delay, it just depends on the tempo of the music and can be tweaked accordingly. Note that Like Heaven uses a Digital Delay, whilst Piezo Acoustic uses a Tape Delay.

Like Heaven Chorus Settings

Like Heaven is great for Darkwave and Gothic styled music.

Like Heaven is what I like to use for the Gothic/Darkwave side of things. Piezo is generally more suited towards Ambient styles of playing.

Like Heaven Delay Settings
Like Heaven Reverb Settings
Piezo Acoustic Chorus Settings

Piezo Acoustic is what I like to use for sounds requiring ambience and a more washed out sound.

Piezo Acoustic Delay Settings
Piezo Acoustic Reverb Settings