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Medieval Melodies for Melancholy Souls

Warm the Mead and gather around the fire as we explore the evocative moods of a Medieval melody.

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The Phrygian Scale is Great for Writing Black Metal Riffs

The Phrygian mode is perfect for Black Metal ideas, with intervals catering to the darkness of the style. In this lesson, I’ve also added the tritone or flat 5th interval, which only adds to the tension.

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Try These Chords in Times of Dark

Dark times call for Dark chords. Try these melancholy voicings to soothe the darkness within.

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Old West Acoustic – Hybrid Picking Arpeggios With Moving Bass Line

I’ve always been a fan of both Old West style movies and their accompanying soundtracks. This lesson takes inspiration from the dusty, arid landscapes of yore, exploring hybrid picking technique and adding a moving bass line within a natural minor context.

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Using Delay to Emulate Double Picking

Delay is not just a tool for creating space and atmosphere in music. It can also be used to create interesting rhythmic effects. In this video, we will be looking at some ideas that make use of a short delay time and low regeneration rate to emulate double picking.

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