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3 Essential Rhythms for Beginner Metal Guitarists

This first lesson in my Beginner Metal series looks at 3 essential riffs/rhythms focusing on techniques such as: dampening, palm-muting and shifting power chords.

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3 Octave Atmospherics

This is a great lesson for the novice, because there are some simple variants available that even a beginner can create once the basic idea has been mastered.

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Learn Blues Rock With a Touch of Funk

Power chord riffing with a touch of funk is the order of the day in this lesson, guaranteed to build up some limp in the wrist and get the strumming hand flowing.

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Learn Haunting, Sad Guitar

This is one of my favourite ways to play guitar. Let the chords take you on a journey into yourself and beyond as we explore some dark, reflective ideas.

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Phrygian Drone – Eastern Flavours

Hybrid picking technique is an important part of acoustic guitar playing, adding depth and dynamics to one’s sound and arsenal. In this lesson, sharpen your chops with this acoustic drone riff, derived from the phrygian and phrygian dominant scales.

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