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Technique Focus: Muting Skills, Syncopated Riffing

To syncopate simply means to emphasize the off beat. This two part riff sequence rocks out with plenty of space and silence in between articulations, helping to improve one’s muting skills.

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Depressive Riffing For Beginners

Sometimes a little noise is balm for the soul. This lesson is specifically for beginners, requiring very little in the way of technique, but very satisfying to practice, with a nice downward progression and some simple but nifty picking.

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Space Rock Atmospherics

In today’s lesson, we explore an idea in the style of Atmospheric Space Rock. It’s simple enough, but the stretching for the voicings is another matter!

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3 Essential Rhythms for Beginner Metal Guitarists

This first lesson in my Beginner Metal series looks at 3 essential riffs/rhythms focusing on techniques such as: dampening, palm-muting and shifting power chords.

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3 Octave Atmospherics

This is a great lesson for the novice, because there are some simple variants available that even a beginner can create once the basic idea has been mastered.

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