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Incorporating Thirds Into Folk Metal Riffing

Although two separate guitars can create some awesome sounds by harmonizing in thirds, a single guitarist also has the option, too. This lesson explores a blackened sort of riff using thirds played simultaneously on one guitar along to a beat from It Might Get Loud’s Black Metal Essentials midi pack  powered by KVLT Drums.

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B Standard Fluid Groove

I recently had my Epiphone SG Pro set up and serviced, choosing to go all the way down to B standard tuning. My style is predominantly riff-based, so this is perfect for the sorts of stuff I write and explore in my lessons.

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Fuzz Rock Fun

Fuzz and pentatonic goodness go together in this rockin’ etude exploring power chord riffing derived from the E minor pentatonic scale.

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Embellishing a Ballad Style Idea

A simple progression played with some tender fingerpicking and some tasty embellishments is the focus of the day in this lesson for those that like their acoustic music soft and soothing.

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Blues Metal – Heavy Groove Riffing

In this lesson, we take a look at some groovy blues-based metal riffing in the vein of Black Sabbath and the bands influenced by them.

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