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Psychedelic Explorations

It’s time to kick back and explore the mysterious realm of psychedelic guitar. The first lesson begins by taking a look at chord shapes and embellishments in the seventh position with the addition of melodic ideas using the pentatonic scale.

What really gives the ideas their psychedelic characteristics is the use of delay, which creates an overlapping effect as the notes are played. I set the delay to a quarter note repeat with the feedback and mix at around 50%. Depending on the tempo you decide to play at, you can check if the effect has been set correctly by playing one note and letting it repeat, just as you heard in the video. This way, you will be able to gauge the tempo you’re after.

The pentatonic scale is the perfect starting point since it contains the least amount of notes and tends to sound good no matter what combination of notes are used. There is certainly a bluesy atmosphere to the ideas explored on the video, and this is to be expected, since the pentatonic scale is inherently this way inclined. It really all depends on context, since with the addition of more complex chord progressions, the atmospheres can change dramatically. My recommendation would be to record a variety of chord progressions at different speeds and in different moods. Abandon the chord elements I discussed in the video in favour of a soloing approach and see what happens!

This frees up the hands, and serves to maximize the possibilities with regards to note choices in whatever position you happen to be in.