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Stoner Rock Riffing – Repetitive Overlapping Riff

Don't be fooled by how simple this sounds. It is quite a challenge to play fluidly, and at speed. We are creating an overlapping effect using only three notes on the sixth string. You will need to tune your guitar to Drop D.

Practice Tips

  • This is the type of riff that benefits from breaking up into its various phases and practicing in isolation. Don't forget though, it's always a good idea to have a jam at some point in your practice session. Don't worry about playing perfectly or how fluid it sounds; get in and have a go, anyway. Remember, you've already done the proper practice, this is a chance to just let loose and have fun. Practicing and jamming each have their place, and specific benefits.
  • Triplets can be a bit tricky when starting out. In this idea, we are playing 8th note triplets, which means that we must play three 8th notes within the space of 2 of that type of note, which translates into 1 beat. A metronome is your best friend. Slow down and concentrate on playing the 3 notes per beat in the correct rhythm.