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Speed Metal Riffing with Pentatonic Fills

In this lesson we take a look at a speed metal riff utilizing double stops and some pentatonic fills for added spice. There's also an emphasis on fast alternate picking on the A string, so be prepared to practice well in order to achieve efficiency and accuracy.

Practice Tips

  • Playing fast can be incredibly intimidating for the novice, and I'm not gonna lie; it takes years to be able to do so comfortably. The obvious, and best thing to do is just to work within your limits and play at a pace that's just uncomfortable enough to make you improve, but not so comfortable that there's zero challenge. You can only get faster by challenging yourself, and that means stumbling at times; it is what it is.
  • Another way of building speed is by deliberately playing too fast for your level then bringing it back to where you were moderately challenged before. Keep alternating between the two and you will find over time that it becomes easier to play the moderate challenge more comfortably. By going balls to the wall, when you come down a notch or two, what used to be challenging eventually becomes comfortable.