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Voicings for Sinister Sounds

In this lesson we take a look at some simple minor chords that also serve to function as black metal style voicings. These are a great way of introducing harmonic tension into your creations, serving to invoke the trademark atmospheres characteristic of black metal bands. Also some healthy doses of brutality thrown in towards the latter stages, just for good measure.

It's important to remember that these voicings need not be played at breakneck speeds to achieve the desired effect. I would suggest experimenting with various tempos and strumming patterns (with a variety of drum loops, preferably), and see what you come up with. Of course, there are certainly more complex and "esoteric" shapes we could use, but the chords on offer here are a good place to start in any case.

Practice Tips

  • Placing minor chords close together as a progression is an easy way of creating a sinister sound. Once comfortable with these shapes, try experimenting with additions and other alterations to see what you can come with.