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Acoustic Techniques – Working With Major Seventh Chords

This idea is a great introduction to using the thumb and 3 finger 'scoop' approach. Since we are remaining on the same set of strings throughout, we can focus on the right hand in order to play the idea cleanly, and  in a relaxed fashion. Also note that both chords use the same shape, just in different positions.

Practice Tips

  • Keeping the right hand thumb slightly in front of the other 3 plucking fingers keeps balance in position and ensures accuracy when attacking the strings.
  • Although having long fingernails helps with plucking the strings, I keep mine trimmed back so that I can play with the same consistency and accuracy, regardless of nail length.
  • Both chords use the same shape. Don't lift your left hand off the strings when switching between chords. Release the pressure from the fretboard and shift whilst maintaining contact with the strings.